Map Node

Terra DApps Integration

Welcome to MapNode Extension Wallet Developer Guide. This documentation contains guides for developers to get started developing on MapNode Extension Wallet.‌

To detect MapNode Extension with Terra

To detect whether your browser is running MapNode Extension, please use:
if (window.MapNode) {
console.log('MapNode Extension is installed!');

Notice: MapNode Extension Testnet is under development and not available now.

To connect MapNode Extension Wallet

To connect MapNode Extension means to access the user's [blockchain - like Cosmos] account(s).
// Connect only
const connection = window.MapNode.terra('<chain: String>');
// Connect & get accounts
connection.request({ method: 'terra_accounts' });
// Check whether dapp connected or not
Currently chains support: ['terra','cosmos']

To disconnect MapNode Extension Wallet

To disconnect MapNode Extension, please use:

To experience functions

Once your account is connected, let's start experiencing more functions.‌

Get Current Account

return Promise<Array[String]>
  • If wallet can not be found, return [] instead of throw Error
connection.request({ method: 'terra_accounts' }).then((accounts) => {
if (accounts[0]) {
// Do something with accounts
} else {
// Wallet not found

Check wallet whether exists or not

return Promise<{data: Boolean}>
const hasWallet = connection.request({ method: 'has_wallet', params: ['<chain>'] });

Execute contract function

return: Promise<Hash>
const signature = connection.request({
method: 'terra_execute',
params: ['<contractAddres: string>', '<executeMsg: string>'],
// Example Execute Contract
let cw20Contract =
let execMsg =
const response = await connection.request({
method: 'terra_execute',
params: [cw20Contract, execMsg],

To handle events

List of events

Currently we only support some action event from wallet extension
connection.on('event_name', callback);
connection.on('close', () => window.location.reload());
connection.on('accountsChanged', () => window.location.reload());
Receive when active account changed in Extension
Receive when active network changed in Extension
Receive when active chain changed in Extension
Receive when disconnect from Extension
Alias for disconnect event
on(event, callback)
Add event listener
off(event, callback)
Remove event listener