Map Node
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Why MapNode?

ETH Compatibility

ETH Compatibility Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages, standards, enterprise adoption


Modular ''security as a service'', provided either by Ethereum or by a pool of professional validators


Scalability Dedicated blockchains, scalable consensus algorithms, custom Wasm execution environments
Compatible with major ERC standards. Secured by validators and checkpoints submitted to Ethereum. Minimal downtime over the course of 1.3B recorded transactions. A powerful and engaged community driving adoption and user engagement

High mining productivity

MapNode PoS is a layer 2 scaling solution that achieves unprecedented transaction speed and cost savings by utilizing side-chains for transaction processing. At the same time, POS ensures asset security using the robust Plasma bridging framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Profit from 20% to 25% per month, specially profit paided by MNI Token

30+ Person Team

30+ person team with deep resources and proven track record. MapNode is run by a fully integrated team with a long term vision, and core team members have built successful blockchain projects and have experience at leading blue-chip consulting and finance institutions

Extensive partnerships

Extensive partnerships with market leading blockchain institutions ensuring broad scale and seamless experience. Within only a few weeks MapNode has secured partnerships with Chainlink, Brave, Grape, Altura and five secondary marketplaces


Intuitive, efficient bridging, deposit and withdrawals. Transaction speeds of up to 65,000 tx/s means exponentially faster performance than Ethereum at 15 tx/s. Non-custodial architecture means users have control of their keys. Rely on the shared security of Ethereum with benefit of MapNode’s speed


Full EVM compatibility means deploying your smart contracts directly on the MapNode chain. A composable blockchain means you’ve got a wide variety of apps to build on. Easy transfer to and from MapNode and Ethereum. Easy-to-use wallet on web and mobile.